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Sensual Food Program © :

Explore your 5 senses in the kitchen...

Feel and Enjoy !

Eating will become one of the most sensual thing you've ever done... 

(with some other  pleasures...)

Become a "fingerfood", a"foodporn" addicted...but in the very best way !

Through the food, I propose you a game of feelings, sensations and enjoyments ...

A way to relearn how to appreciate food by awakening all your senses and listening to your analytic mind before reaching the essential quintessence of the pure or worked product... And especially by discovering new pleasures.

To share with anyone you wish to.

Accept that for years you may have been wrong !

Rediscover food in its (sensual) way ...

Learn to taste the herbs, spices, aromatics, food textures, and all their incredible virtues to make of your kitchen a new laboratory of enjoyment, this is the base !

A new world is waiting to be explore ... It is at your fingertips. And for all purses !


Try the "Sensual Food Program"...and reach the "Sensual Food Orgasm" ©


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