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How to make : homemade fresh cheese with nothing else but buttermilk...

1)One liter of buttermilk will give you two small fresh cheeses.

2)Put the buttermilk in a pan with half a tablespoon of salt.

3)Place the pan on a very low heat. And above all don't touch anymore ... Don't mix. Leave the buttermilk at rest.

4)After a few minutes, there is separation with the whey and beginning of coagulation. Wait a bit more.

your "cheese" absolutely cannot boil

5)The most difficult in this recipe, will perhaps to find the faisselles (the small containers for draining). Not always obvious. (You can make those yourself with a plastic cup that you sprinkle with small holes with a small hand tool spin).

6)Put those on a grid (the one from the oven, if you don't have another) and on a container to collect the whey

7)Start to remove the cheese very gently with a large spoon. Be careful not to mix.

fill the dishes to the brim.

8)The last faisselle will collect the rest of the cheese dough and will help to complete the other two, once the largest of the first whey is drained.

See the different levels of whey on the photo.

9)After half an hour of draining, complete your last two "faisselles" and leave those resting half an hour more.

10)Lightly cover with plastic wrap, put everything in the fridge for almost 8 hour.

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