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Delicious crunchy brick bolsters with leeks, goat cheese and nuts

Step by step, you can follow the making of those brick bolsters , for 4 persons, a very simple recepie and a very good starter.

Ingredients :

-Two leeks (but just the light green part, leave the white part for another recepie)


-Goat cheese


-Olive oil


First, cut the leeks in slices of +/- 1 cm

Let them cook in a pan with olive oil (+/- a soup spoon) season, but not too much salt (because of the goat cheese).

When it starts to be transparent, add the honey and the crushted nuts

Reserve the preparation and let it become a bit cooler

Take a first sheet of brick

Put on the first third, 3 slices of goat cheese

Put the leeks on with a bit more of honey

Roll the ingredients in the brick sheet and make a bolster

Put the four bolsters in a plate and put it in the oven around 10 min at 160° (the sheet must become a bit gold/brown

Make a nice presentation on a dish and serve.

Enjoy !

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