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To all epicurian and greedy people all over the world

I'm Olivia H., your private chef at 
Julian's lounge - The Concept"

Interview excerpt from Wowo Magazine July 2019  ©

..."Belgian-Luxembourgish, with a strong character and a very personal philosophy, the first adjectives that qualify Olivia are also: discreet, frank, cheerful, sensitive, passionate and dynamic.
Like the personalities of showbiz, in recent years, chefs have become real stars.
"To cook" has suddenly acquired an exhibitionist side.
Social networks are full of self-proclaimed food critics, reality TV shows and chefs specializing in all kinds ... Not to mention all those who improvise themselves cooks through multiple videos and specialty channels that the world wide web counts.
As a counter-reaction to this movement, Olivia practices her culinary art in private, working to build her reputation thanks to the compliments transmitted "by word of mouth" by the gourmets who have had the pleasure of tasting her creations.
An unusual challenge at this time when everyone wants to be in full light and which Olivia takes up with all the passion and enthusiasm that she doesn't fail to transmit to you when she talks about her job.
The dream of a lifetime that Olivia is building and fulfilling by patiently laying stone after stone, over the months, on her path to success."....


For anyone you want to share culinary art with.

A wonderful sensation of taste, smell, touch, sound and sight.
Cooking is a loving gift, a poem, an entire story by itself.
It carries emotions, feelings and above all : passion!
This is the most important ingredient...
Without passion, you cannot cook. It is the same for love... !

It's a true alchemy of sensations. 
A good meal, a good wine, a good water, a good heart and
you reach the sixth sense above all:

the intuitiveness of well-being!
So...Let me take over for one evening.

Your passionate and greedy ,


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