Are you interested? Here's how it works.

About Julian's lounge and my services

After exchanging initial emails or phone calls, I come to your home to see your kitchen.

Depending on the menu or dish you've asked me to make, I need to know if you have the right equipment or if I need to bring some of my own.

My rates are simple and accessible for all budgets.

Depending on what you want*, the prices range from 10 to 40 EUR per person + 35 EUR (excluding VAT) per hour for my work on site.

From the 5th hour, the rate drops to 25 EUR per hour (but it's always a minimum of 3 or 4 hours...the time to arrive, settle, cook, prepare and present a dish).

There is no minimum. You can be alone, two or more people, but a maximum of 10.

For more guests, I can offer you a fixed price.  But a maximum of 20 people for quality dishes.

I can cook for larger numbers of people (club meals, celebrations, garden parties ...) but the conditions are to be discussed on a case-by-case basis. I can do barbecues, buffets, tapas...anything!

About "Private Caterer"

I can manage your event as a private caterer.
But my price offers are case by case.
Let's talk about it !

If I need help for a more complicated meal, it's 25 EUR/hour per person (excluding VAT)

Everything is negotiable, provided you have the desire and above all the space to host your guests.

I can provide drinks for an additional charge. Don’t hesitate to ask.

I can also take care of your table decorations for an additional charge, but bear in mind that this also takes time.

I can also cook vegetarian or vegan meals.​

*For caviar and lobster menus and more expensive dishes, prices are "à la carte".

About The Sensual Food Program or the Workshops and Courses


 35 EUR (excluding VAT) per hour for teaching (from one to 5 persons)

From the 3th hour, the rate drops to 25 EUR per hour. 

It's always more interesting if you are several.

I manage the purchase of food and I provide you the ticket against refund with my invoice.


Terms of Sale:

​Please read carefully before booking.

​I'm a chef at home...not a catering service...95% is cooked at your home.

If you choose to use my services, you won't be getting fast food...I take the time to do things right. The hourly rate is charged for every hour or part of an hour.

I don't do the dishes afterwards. I just take back what I brought with me.

I travel everywhere, but outside the Brussels region, I charge 1 EUR per kilometre (round trip). Distances are based on Google Maps.

There is always a deposit of 60% to be paid before my work begins.

Once the deposit is paid, your reservation is confirmed and the number of guests stated at the time of booking will be the number to pay for (if there are any cancellations between the time of confirmation and the date of the meal, this cannot be refunded).

The balance is to be paid the same day in cash or by immediate bank transfer. You will receive the invoice within 3 days.

​Hygiene is paramount. If you have pets, this is not a problem, but they must be kept away from the kitchen while I am working.

You must leave enough space in your fridge or freezer for me to store the food I bring, so as not to interrupt the cold chain.

​I am your chef at home for one evening, but respecting my work and me is part of our contract. In case of disagreement for any reason, please remain courteous.

If I feel disrespected, I reserve the right to stop everything. I will keep your deposit (...and I will provide you with the address of the nearest fast food end your evening).

​The visit to your kitchen is free of charge if we subsequently reach an agreement for a job. If you decide that you don't want me to cook for you, I kindly ask for 25 EUR (excluding VAT) as compensation.

​The price per person includes the purchase of the goods and any necessary ustensils.

The price per hour includes transportation, pre-preparation of some dishes which are too complicated or too long to prepare in one evening (marinades, simmered dishes...)

For jobs abroad, you need to take responsibility for my entire stay (travel, hotel, transport...) and you will need to drive me to the best place where you want me to buy all the food needed for your meal (as I cannot know all shops in the world, the quality of the food will be under your responsability).

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