To all epicurian and greedy people all over the world
I'm Olivia H., your private chef at  "Julian's lounge"
The private M-eating place concept

Culinary therapist, founder and owner of the                                               

Let me share with you, the two faces of this fabulous job !
Following what you want to discover, take the time to read and appreciate.
For anyone you want to share culinary art with.
A wonderful sensation of taste, smell, touch, sound and sight.
Cooking is a loving gift, a poem, an entire story by itself.
It carries emotions, feelings and above all passion!
This is the most important ingredient...Without passion, you cannot cook (same for love...)!
It's a true alchemy of sensations. 
A good meal, a good wine, a good water, a good heart and you reach the sixth sense above all: the intuitiveness of well-being!
Let me take over for one evening.
Any question ?
Just dare !
A Kind of Magic

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